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Jiangmen Pukui Intelligent Machine Co.,Ltd/Potable Water Machine|Spring Water Vending Machines|вода торговые автоматы|Ice Vending Machines|Máquina expendedora de hielo|Condom Vending Machines|Aqua|Máquina expendedora de agua|Hielo|Bagged hielo|Drinking Water|Osmosis Inversa/自动售水机/自动售冰机/避孕套售卖机/洗衣粉售卖机/自动售卖机
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Add:Lubian Industrial Zone, Chaolian, Penjiang District, Jiangmen, GD, China
code:529090 Tel:0086-750-3720748(Ms.Yan Au - Sales Manager)
Tel:0086-750-3726049(Jami Ye)
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